Konami Rom disabler cartridge

By Accumulator

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12-05-2023, 17:56

I know it is way too late, but as I was playing with some cartridges, I came to this idea.
Why did we always do too much trouble and ruining Konami scc cartridges by opening them up and soldering the hell to embed a switch.. While they could (at that time smart guys) just released a Konami Rom disabler cartridge.
What is it?
A one cartridge extender, so cartridge goes into a cartridge, with just a switch.
The switch enables pin 25 or disables pin 25...

Or another simple switch way..
It could have been good business and more Konami's would be in original, not altered state..

Isn't it?


By DamnedAngel

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12-05-2023, 20:22

That's precisely what I do with my switched slot expanders.

By Manuel

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12-05-2023, 23:41

Yes, this is why most slot expanders have switches Smile Also very good to dump ROMs with...

By Accumulator

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13-05-2023, 03:26

Why have a lot of people suggested to ruin nice Konami cartridge by opening and soldering pins to pins and switches.. While there could be a clean solution..
Ignorance, stupidity or brainless? Big smile

By Briqunullus

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13-05-2023, 08:25


By gdx

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13-05-2023, 14:35

At the time the cartridges were common and the less expensive. Putting a switch on was the easiest solution. There was no internet which where information circulates very quickly. (Note that even with this today there are some people who are not able to find the right info.)

Another reason is that there are also people who absolutely want to use the original chip, although nowaday there are cartridges that reproduce the SCC and SCC+ perfectly except maybe on MSXVR, MSXpi and some OCMs. The 2Mega Sound Cartridge and the last version of the MFR SD+SCC are good examples.

Switched slot expanders are a good solution but expensive and take up space.