Penguin Run physical edition

Penguin Run physical edition

by ro on 16-02-2023, 14:46
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The game Penguin Run found its way to cartridge and is now available at the Repro Factory MSX shop.

The MSX standard has a unique selling point; namely its cartridge system. With this, software can be run on any MSX system, no matter which brand. That, amongst others, makes this a Software Exchangeable machine. The idea may be one of the original MSX requirements, it still holds up these days. While tape and disk have their place, there is nothing like a physical cartridge to plug in and just play.

This cartridge idea is appealing enough to have software from more modern time still be mounted on a piece of electronic board. For example, many MSXdev games get converted to such device and sold for a few bucks to the public. The same happened to MSXdev22 game Penguin Run, by Patrik’s Retro Tech. The game is available at the Repro Factory MSX shop.

In Penguin Run, which will yield you to play the role of, you guessed it, a penguin, you will have to make your way across the chilling plains of Antarctica. Why? Well, Pijku Penguin was having so much fun on the ice, until he realized that the ice started to break up and that he was far away from home. Now, he has to jump over the holes in the ice to avoid falling into the water. If our feathered friend gets his feet wet, you have to start over. Also, the speed increases the further you go.

Flashed into a Konami sized game cartridge, it comes with a full-color label and manual, stuffed in a plastic box. A great addition for collectors of game cartridges. For about 30 euros, a copy of this game is yours. While you're at the Repro Factory MSX anyway, have a look at their other MSX related games and hardware too. Good stuff.

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