French MSX Convention for the 40th Birthday of MSX

French MSX Convention for the 40th Birthday of MSX

by JohnHassink on 25-03-2023, 05:36
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Anyone, or anything turning 40 is a moment to remember. A landmark. Something to cherish and celebrate with friends. As our beloved 8-bit MSX computer reaches that age, different events around the globe are making that happen.

The MSX system, that was introduced in 1983, stood the test of time among retro enthusiasts. While modern computers have their function and place, it's the 8-bit wonder machine that lives on in the hearts of many. What better moment than this to have worldwide gatherings of like-minded souls?

Ofcourse, Europeans with a deep love of MSX will not let this joyful milepole pass in silence. And in this spirit, the well-known and appreciated MSX afficionados from The MSX Village welcome you to their French-style celebration party in June this year - bons moments.

The MSX Village community had not organized a convention since 2010, leaving a gap in their local social MSX enthousiast gathering. However, this year, for the 40th anniversary of the standard, it's time to re-engage!

The French MSX convention will take place at the behest of a historical member of the association (Riton), in the South of France. A good opportunity to take your machine out for a trip, see friends, showcase your stuff, and have a great time. While there are multiple reasons for visiting the south of France, MSX geeks from all over the world are welcome to join in for an experience never to be forgotten!
Think garage atmosphere, barbecue and swimming. Bring your family, too!
When, you ask? Well, it's going to happen on the 3rd and 4th of June, so plan your vacations accordingly if you want to join our French friends!

To paraphrase, or maybe even butcher up his words a bit, the words of Auguste Escoffier still ring through:
La bonne ordinateur est la base du véritable bonheur.
Meaning, ofcourse, that a good computer is the foundation of genuine happiness.
So if you can, the invitation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MSX with our French brothers and sisters is open!

Relevant link: Convention MSX des 3 & 4 Juin 2023

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By Latok

msx guru (3960)

Latok의 아바타

25-03-2023, 20:47

This is awesome!

By LaDolceDols

Expert (95)

LaDolceDols의 아바타

26-03-2023, 00:12

Cool guys!!

By Ramon Ribas Casasayas

Resident (54)

Ramon Ribas Casasayas의 아바타

26-03-2023, 10:40

So, 225 km from Barcelona... Very interesting.
Does any organizer or spokesperson of this event is here at mrc to answer questions?

I stay tuned.

By aoineko

Paragon (1135)

aoineko의 아바타

26-03-2023, 13:53

I don't think Riton is active on MRC but he is on MSX Village.
You can put a message on the event dedicated thread.
No one will blame you for writing in English there.

By Sebbeug

Champion (405)

Sebbeug의 아바타

26-03-2023, 22:44

@Ramon Ribas Casasayas

You can ask me all questions you want about this event Wink

By Ramon Ribas Casasayas

Resident (54)

Ramon Ribas Casasayas의 아바타

27-03-2023, 23:02

@sebbeug Thanks

All in all, which is the format you want to give to the meeting?
Do you want/need any support from abroad?
Would you be into having foreign visitors/exhibitors?

Eager to read your comments

By Sebbeug

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Sebbeug의 아바타

28-03-2023, 20:47

You know, the active French MSX community is very small. This convention will take place at the home of a member, an historical french MSXer. There won't be many people and it won't be open to the public. It will be very close to the "garage" gatherings that we knew in the 90s... You are however welcome !

By frederic.markus

Expert (83)

frederic.markus의 아바타

15-04-2023, 09:43

Je suis vraiment tenté de venir un des deux jours! Je suis a Montpellier. Toute ma carrière dans le jeu vidéo, je la dois a la chance que j'ai eu d'acheter un MSX! J'ai encore les disquettes avec les démos qui m'ont permis d'avoir mon premier job Smile C'est tres tres tentant de venir.

By Sebbeug

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Sebbeug의 아바타

16-04-2023, 15:13

@frederic.markus ... You're welcome !!! Wink