After first Chicago's 30 and then followed by Desperado, Spanish MSX fan and composer FranSX sent us a new game cover of another Spanish game. This time he chose a more recent game, La Corona Encantada by Karoshi Corporation.

As FranSX writes, La Corona Encantada is "a great game with great music". So great, in fact, that the original PSG music sounded so good that it was left as-is, making his latest cover an interesting mixture of nostalgic sounds and latin beats. To create the song he recorded several backing tracks using the step sequencer in his Korg Trinity. The song was finished using Logic Pro with the help of his trusty M-Audio ProjectMix I/O.

There's only two more days until the deadline closes, and we already have received some more tracks for the challenge. We also know of some other tracks being created. If you still want to join in the fun and eternal glory, you gotta hurry!

Relevant link: La Corona Encantada - Main Theme by FranSX