2004 minigame compo

by snout on 14-08-2004, 22:19
Topic: Development

For the fourth year in a row an international multi-platform minigame competition is being held over here. The purpose of this competition is to create either a 1K or 4K game on NES, Plus/4, Atari 800, Atari 2600, Commodore 64/128 or VIC-20, Apple 2 or MSX. Last year the honor of the MSX standard was defended by Luis Claudio Grosso, who created an MSX port of Telematch. This year Ricardo Bittencourt is going to create an MSX entry. If you think you can create a cool 1 of 4 kilobyte MSX game was well, you can submit it to the organization until September 26th.

Relevant link: 2004 minigame compo