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by Unregistered user on 21-01-2009, 16:22
Topic: Development

Z80ST-Software has released a new version of their ayFX replayer for MSX. This replayer mixes the ayFX sample with a diferent PSG channel every frame, so the background music is less affected when playing FX.

The biggest change, with respect to the previous version, is that you can now explicitly set priority for each ayFX sample, instead of using an ayFX number as priority like in previous version. There are two different versions of the replayer:

  • Fixed Volume: the ayFX samples are played at their original volume.
  • Relative Volume: the priority of the ayFX samples also controls their volume, so high priority samples will sound louder than low priority samples.

You can find the replayer, as well as a PT3 replayer that works in ROM, on the Z80ST blog.

Relevant link: Z80ST blog

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By anonymous

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22-01-2009, 16:59

There's a new version (v1.11) with a more correct treatment of volume zero on ayFX frames TongueTongue

Hope you find it useful.

By JohnHassink

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22-01-2009, 22:45

Niccccce. Thumbs up!