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by wolf_ on 17-06-2012, 00:31
Topic: Development

The inclusion of the wiki in our new website (during the early stages of development already) had two goals. First, it was meant to gather information about MSX and anything MSX-related, making it a real MSX encyclopaedia. Secondly, it was to be a place where beginners could learn the ins and outs of our system, giving them a boost to use their MSX in a creative way. In short: tutorials!

Now, there are quite a few users who have many years, even decades, of experience in what they do. These include programmers, designers, composers, and maybe we could even mention story writers and level designers. Some of these experts are just happy forum users, others are part of the MRC crew. This thread has hit the nail on a subject we, the crew, had already been aware of: there will always be MSX fans starting off from scratch. These could be new people who bought their first MSX from eBay as well as regulars in a particular field who decided to try another creative field for a change.

Today, we'll kick off new ways to have experts write tutorials for our MSX wiki. We've made a sticky forum thread in which beginners can ask a question. Experts monitoring this thread can then decide to create an article about that subject in shape of a wiki article. Any serious question is allowed, it could be as simple as 'how do I draw this and that in screen 2?'. This request based style of article writing is exactly what the expert writers need, because for experts it's very hard to come up with a subject to write about. To them it's often a subject which is almost too simple to imagine there is an audience.

So, do you want to know how to make sound effects in MSX-BASIC? How to come up with a game development plan? How to make music for a game and how to have it playing in your BASIC game? Or do you want to know how to scroll a full page horizontally on MSX2? Or, even: how to create a sprite in MSX-BASIC? Ask, we'll find the answers for you. Supporting new development is our goal, and a set of clear tutorials is the key to that! While all requests are allowed, please refrain from unrealistic requests, such as: "can you code me a complete game?" or art requests which would take a talented artist a four year college education to understand. So, ask anything what you want, and if these requests are realistic enough - especially when they can be forged into a generic wiki article - the MRC crew and any other wiki regulars can take a shot at it!

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