GBasic 1.0

by RobertVroemisse on 29-12-2011, 15:54
Topic: Development
Tags: GBasic, TNI, GFX9000

Gbasic is a basic extention developed exclusively for the GFX9000 and Video9000. This new version synchronizes the manual with the binary and contains some bugfixes. TNI has plans to add some new features in the future such as:

  • Graphic character printing
  • Implement GDRAW
  • Add support for P1 and P2 display modes

Relevant link: GBasic 1.0

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By Lord_Zett

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30-12-2011, 00:28

Great!! go TNI. me is waiting for some new developments in GBasic. Specialy P1.


By DanySoft

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31-12-2011, 15:39

Yeah, but the TNI must be upgraded before the P1/P2 because in B1-B6 are ready 2 sprite 32x32.
But I do not want these 2 sprites, but 126 sprites P1/P2, due to errors in BASIC:

10 gscreen 15
    20 gset page 0,2:gvdp(25)=2
    30 gbload "gfx.sc5",s
    30 gput sprite 12,(100,100): rem ,color ? , sprite 0-127 ??
    40 end
    Syntax error in 30

Evil So I CAN NOT WAIT TOO LONG to update the version of GBASIC for the P1/P2 !
However, TNI has the hour scounte! 
Else working WITHOUT GBASIC for make GAMES 2012!!!


By Lord_Zett

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31-12-2011, 17:59

yeah I talked to BiFi about it. he told me about gona work on p1/p2.

Finaly a usble screen mode for great gaming on the gfx 9k

By jltursan

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01-01-2012, 13:42

Yep, that would be really good news indeed