Hitech-C MSX-DOS2 Tools

by Unregistered user on 21-10-2004, 16:02
Topic: Development

Arnold Metselaar wrote a few interesting tools for Hitech-C, the well-known C compiler for MSX, for use in MSX-DOS2. His tools are available on MSX Banzai! and consist of

  • CC.COM, a C.COM replacement that ends compilation when an error is found, in stead of producing a huge list, making it easier to see the first error
  • LIBDOS2, a MSX-DOS2 I/O library, providing all functions of MSX-DOS2 to C programs
  • MAKE, a make tool that makes it possible to quickly compile your programs by only recompiling parts that have changed

Source code is included for all tools. MAKE includes the possibility to work with emulators with a broken extended VRAM implementation. Arnold is a regular on #msxdev IRC under the nickname Yeti^. If you have any questions on these tools, you can contact him there.

Relevant link: MSX Banzai!

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By karloch

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21-10-2004, 22:23

At last, some MSX-DOS 2 tools for programming C!

By arnold_m

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17-01-2006, 00:00

Make.com has been improved a bit;
- there is now a way to link more object files than would fit on a single command line and
- the comparion of filenames is now case insensitive.