ILAC'04 - Update

by snout on 19-04-2005, 13:19
Topic: Development

Konamiman has updated the ILAC website with new information and a new project. ILAC, which stands for InterNestor Lite Applications Contest, is an application development contest for Internestor Lite, a toolkit that brings internet connectivity to any MSX2 with an RS232 interface or ObsoNET cartridge.

The second ILAC project that has been announced is an IRC client by Carlos de Santa-Ana Garcia. Together with the first project, FudeBrowZer for MSX-DOS by Ricardo Bittencourt, these projects are likely to make the MSX online experience a whole lot more interesting.

If you'd like to write an InterNestor Lite utility for the ILAC as well, you can apply your projects until May 7th. Perhaps you will become the lucky winner of the Panasonic turboR!

Relevant link: ILAC website

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By spl

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19-04-2005, 15:03

Good news! Big smile

By Grauw

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19-04-2005, 17:27

Actually, I’m looking forward to this, because I found a room in Utrecht and am going to take my PC with me, but keep my MSX at home in Bussum... With this, I could chat on IRC even when the other computers overhere are taken by family members Smile.