MNBIOS SHELL sources released

by flyguille on 24-11-2004, 15:20
Topic: Development

Flyguille has released the sources of the SHELL of MNBIOS. To be more specific, this are the sources for the files MSXCOMMAND.EXEC and INSTALL.EXEC which, when combined, make the MNBIOS Interface itself.

As the source's format is tokenized, Flyguille also released his own programming enviroment (at the moment still 'unfinished & in Spanish') that has not been released or discussed before. This environment makes it possible to browse the sources. On the MNBIOS Website you can find out more about the licenses to this programming environment and the SHELL sources.

The MNBIOS programming environment is freely available, yet not open-source, and runs on an MSX2 with at least 128kb of RAM in SLOT1 UnSUBslotted, so it only works on the Talent TPC-310. To make things a bit easier, an openMSX configuration can be found on the MNBIOS website. The programming environment also runs in blueMSX.

In the programming section of the MNBIOS website you can find all information and downloads you need, including a step by step guide to help you in your first steps of MNBIOS development.

Relevant link: MNBIOS website