NestorBASIC 1.10

by Bart on 15-06-2004, 22:57
Topic: Development

Almost one year after the 1.0 release of NestorBASIC, Konamiman surprises us with an update to v1.10. New in this version are:

  • Support for InterNestor Lite.
  • The available soundchips can be checked without having to load a music replayer first.
  • Corrected some bugs, especially the one that caused NestorBASIC 1.0 to hang on Panasonic WSX machines.

Games like Bubble Rain and Cat'n'Mouse were created using NestorBASIC.

Relevant link: Konamiman's MSX website

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By [D-Tail]

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16-06-2004, 12:56

Nice one, Konamiman!


Enlighted (6067)

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17-06-2004, 02:18

More, than nice... Keep on coding!

BTW How did you solve the WSX problem?

By konamiman

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17-06-2004, 15:27

It was the OPLL detection routine, which was wrong. I changed it for a new one and that solved the problem... but I needed a long time to realize what the problem was...


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17-06-2004, 20:51

Ok, then this must be the same problem, that prevents all the MoonBlaster based games to work on A1WX. (bit0 at address #7FF6 in FM-PAC ROM disables part of the FM-ROM and causes CALL commands to hang.)

I hope, that some day some hardware freak can tell me, how to disable this "feature" or at least someone can explain, what causes this or why MB replayer touches this address in the first place (???)

I've made a small toolkit, that has few workarounds that can be selected to get around the problem.