Polka 1.2

by snout on 23-11-2004, 09:54
Topic: Development

Wolf_ released a new version of his SCREEN 2 & 4 editor called Polka. Changes in this release:

  • Block functions: Copy, Delete and Convert to 'use'
  • FC/BC swap-button
  • SME cursors (for rapid editing)
  • Copy/Paste FC+BC colors
  • Default directories

Polka is a great tool for people who would like to develop MSX1 games, but is especially aimed to be used in combination with Vscreen. The combination of these two tools allows you to create great looking, smooth-scrolling platform games for MSX2.

Relevant link: Polka 1.2

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By viejo_archivero

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23-11-2004, 11:08

Congrats for this new release, Wolf_. I'll surely test it later -now I'm @ work-. And again, thanx for keeping updating this useful tool. Smile

By Maggoo

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23-11-2004, 17:49

Aaah, button swapping gooooood Smile

Great update !

By Maggoo

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25-11-2004, 21:29

BTW, The help file coming with the application doesn't match the version. At least the interface doesn't look the same.

Since there are many buttons, wouldn't it be possible to have little "hint" text when the cursor is on a button ? I think that would help, at least for getting used to the interface in the first place...