Polka - GFX editor for SCREEN 2 and 4

by snout on 17-10-2004, 22:09
Topic: Development

Today Wolf_ surprised us with Polka, a Windows tool coded in Blitzbasic. Polka is a utility that allows you to create SCREEN 2 and SCREEN 4 tiles on your PC, containing many features known from other gfx editors on PC (like tile rotation). For those who were eager to create their own tiles for Vscreen: this might very well be the tool you have been waiting for. Although Polka was created with Vscreen in mind, the editor can also be of use to create graphics for MSX1 and MSX2 demo's and games. Wolf_ intends to add more features and documentation to Polka in the future. In this forum topic you can post your comments and suggestions.

Relevant link: Polka

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By Bart

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17-10-2004, 22:20

Woei Smile This release doesn't happen to have anything to do with my distress call at #msxdev for a screen4 editor a couple of days back, does it Wolf???

Thanks a bunch for the great tool anyway!

By wolf_

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17-10-2004, 22:37

you see.. that's what you get when you submit a newspost text to snout Smile

I sortof mentioned the hacking-around with converters Smile

By Bart

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17-10-2004, 22:40

Hehehe Wink Ah well, I'm sure going to use this tool Smile

By Sonic_aka_T

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17-10-2004, 22:49

Nice! This'll make a great addition to vscreen indeed... Smile

By Plínio

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18-10-2004, 00:57

Accept .MIF format ? MIF also know as MSX Interchange Format.

By viejo_archivero

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18-10-2004, 06:24

Great app, gonna test it!

By BiFi

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18-10-2004, 08:00

Although it's a very nice format, the tool to create .MIF files isn't free. I think that's the main reason for people not to have used .MIF on a large scale and I guess it's also the reason why Wolf hasn't implemented such support as he hasn't got the creation tool.