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by snout on 28-01-2005, 01:01
Topic: Development

Michiel de Vries, developer of Meridian has decided to declare one of his first products, released as a Flying Bytes production, freeware: PSG Tracker. This plain and simple PSG tracker for MSX1 and higher can be used to create PSG songs, offering basic features such as pitchbending, detuning, waveforms and variable track-lengths. The tracker can also convert FAC Soundtracker .MUS files to 3-channel PSG songs.

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Relevant link: PSG Tracker

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By Latok

msx guru (3929)

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28-01-2005, 09:22

PSG Tracker is nice to work with, but I do wonder. Considering all the PT3 players which suddenly appear. It would be cool to have an MSX port of ProTracker or something. Then we really can make kick ass PSG tunes. Or is there already one? /me unsure now....

By Maggoo

Paragon (1217)

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28-01-2005, 10:24

Not sure this is really necessary. If you don't mind cross development why not just use Vortex Tracker II ? what's the point of making yet another long tedious development when something already exist

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10096)

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28-01-2005, 10:29

You mean that windows app?

huuuu, what a scary cyborg-app that is.. o_O


By pitpan

Prophet (3155)

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28-01-2005, 17:53

I am sorry to hear that it has been declared freeware right now: I have been using it for some time, thinking that it was already freeware. Sorry about that!

Any freeware for the MSX system is always welcome!

By Grauw

Ascended (10721)

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29-01-2005, 01:08

I don't think wolves can be scared, but I like your ‘huu’ Bor-the-wolf sound Smile.

Anyways, the Vortex thing, I tried it, it is a little difficult to figure out and sometimes you wish it was a little more convenient in certain aspects (it’s a weird combination of sometimes having to use the mouse, and sometimes having to use the keyboard), but nevertheless it’s an ok piece of software... At least, finally you can make those arpeggio-kind-of-songs Smile. Though it would've been nice if when I made a major arpeggion, it would stay major when applied to a different note, but I guess that’s asking for too much ‘intelligence’ ^_^.