blueMSX 1.3.0

by snout on 11-04-2004, 12:23
Topic: Emulation

Daniel Vik just released a new version of his popular user-friendly MSX emulator for Windows: blueMSX. In this new version, the following things have changed:

  • Machine configuration editor that supports external system roms
  • New default configurations : Arabic, Brazilian, and Russian MSX 2
  • New mappers: Holy Quran, Matsushita, Panasonic, Bunsetsu, National
  • Better mouse emulation (the mouse works now in Princess Maker)
  • Change of multiple disk with use of a virtual FDD index and indication of the selected disk in a window
  • Hotkeys for set or release of mouse capture
  • Italian language support
  • Better performance by disabling of the Windows screensaver
  • Clearing and setting of number of files in history
  • Updated state save : it saves now the entire state with a better naming
  • Updated japanese keyboard default settings
  • Support for MSX2+ horizontal scrool in screens 4 and 6
  • Fixed VDP timing problems (removing of flicker in some games)
  • Fixed screenshot bug when selected from the menu
  • Fixed bugs when playing PSG samples
  • Support for the Panasonic front switch
  • Extended cassette interface
  • Support for fMSX-DOS and fMSX98/AT dsk images
  • Max emulation speed hot key
  • Fixed bug when going to full screen mode by double clicking on the title bar
  • Fixed colors corruption bug when using horizontal scroll in screen 10 or 12

On the blueMSX website you can download this emulator, have a look at some screenshots and check all features of this emulator. If you want to suggest a feature or need help, you can head to the blueMSX support forum

Relevant link: blueMSX website