blueMSX 2.4

by mars2000you on 17-09-2005, 19:22
Topic: Emulation

Today, a new version of the popular MSX emulator blueMSX was released. As of this version, blueMSX can also emulate the SEGA SG-1000 console. which is very similar to MSX. Another new feature is the possibility to synchronize video output to the vertical blank, performing a linear interpolation on the MSX frames to match the frequency of the PC monitor. The result is almost as smooth as a real MSX, but requires a very powerful PC and a videocard that supports this mode. The interface has undergone some changes as well, as the audio mixer is now, like the keyboard editor, a theme-written plugin and appears in an apart draggable window. Other changes made in blueMSX are:

  • Added support for MSX-MIDI OUT in generic Turbo-R machines and in Panasonic FS-A1GT, with checkbox to map the MT-32 instruments to General MIDI
  • Added support for the mapper and the soundchip (VLM5030) of the Konami Keyboard Master, an unreleased and rare cartridge
  • Improved SCC emulation to support NYYRIKKI's sample players
  • Completely rewrote interrupt support
  • Added support for renewed CAS and DSK databases in XML format with SHA1 values
  • Extended the CAS database with new entries and with data for the corresponding WAV files
  • Added support for Chinese language (Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional)
  • Added 5 new generic MSX machines : MSX1 Arabic, MSX1 French, MSX1 Russian, MSX1 Spanish, MSX2 Swedish
  • Added the RS232 rom in all generic MSX machines
  • Improved the SVI memory management
  • Added support for the SVI-603 Coleco game adapter
  • Added 2 SVI-328 machines with second video card (80 columns)
  • Fixed different bugs

In the debugger, the following changes were made:

  • Added support for Chinese and Korean languages
  • Added a window with a list of values in the I/O ports
  • Added a window to read and edit values of peripheral registers (VDP and PSG)
  • Added saving of a disassembly in a text file
  • Added saving of the memory in a binary file

Support for Chinese and Korean languages was also added to the tracer. With blueMSX 2.4, the first steps have been taken to develop a Linux version of blueMSX. Together with the new release of blueMSX, its launcher was also upgraded to version 1.3, adding support for the SHA1 values used in the different databases.

Relevant link: blueMSX website

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By wolf_

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17-09-2005, 19:27

By BiFi

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17-09-2005, 20:49

This version also has the VLM5030 implementation which is used in the very rare prototype Konami Keyboard Master.

By BiFi

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17-09-2005, 20:50

ah, it was added to the list... (sorry)

By dvik

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17-09-2005, 21:10

This is a very interesting cart (I think there is only one existing copy of it, right?). NYYRIKKI had some nice pictures of the real one, maybe you can show it?

Btw, is there a chance for interested people to get a copy of the rom images needed to run the Konami Keyboard Master?

By djh1697

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17-09-2005, 22:16

Keyboard master came from Dennis Hemmings in the lot that I bought along with Stt

By dvik

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17-09-2005, 23:11

Do you have any pics?

By mars2000you

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18-09-2005, 00:40

A little update about the blueMSX Launcher :

Just after the release, Sam Elsharif has found a little bug that can affect the database creation feature. This bug is now fixed and I have uploaded the corrected version.

If you had already downloaded the blueMSX Launcher version 1.3, please download it again to get the good version. Sorry for the trouble Wink

By poke-1,170

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19-09-2005, 13:47

that sega sure looks pretty Cool