BrMSX - still alive

by mars2000you on 10-05-2003, 09:00
Topic: Emulation

Since a few months, the BrMSX site had disappeared and the development of this emulator was stopped. BrMSX is known as one of the better MSX1 emulators. It seems that Ric Bittencourt is still very active. He has now his own mailing list, dedicated to BrMSX and his other MSX activities.

On this list you can find more recent versions of BrMSX (version 2.10 for DOS, version 3.0.14 for Windows). To download these files you will have to become a member of this Yahoo group.

Relevant link: Ric Bittencourt Yahoo group

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By SLotman

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10-05-2003, 20:13

You should ask him before posting this...
His list as far as I know if only for beta testing his programs, before he releases it to the general public.

And he is not that active, noone hears from him on the last couple of months.

By mars2000you

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10-05-2003, 22:08

If I look at the settings of this Yahoo group, I don't understand your reaction :

. Listed in directory
· Open membership
· All messages require approval
· All members may post
· Archives for members only
· Email attachments are not permitted
· Members may hide their email address.

As this group is in open membership and listed in the Yahoo directory, everyone can become member of the group and have access to the archives

By snout

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11-05-2003, 16:01

I agree with mars2000you - who submitted the news to me - here. Nothing on that website indicates its a closed yahoo group. Furthermore, we also report about openMSX which is clearly still in alpha-state.

By ricbit

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21-05-2003, 23:17

No trouble at all. Join the group, download the files and be happy. Just keep in mind that msx-rb is a portuguese-only group so most of you may have some trouble when reading the messages.