C-BIOS 0.21

by mth on 07-06-2005, 08:56
Topic: Emulation

A new release of the MSX-compatible BIOS is now available. These are the changes:

  • Fixed RuMSX configuration files, thanks to Rudolf Lechleitner
  • Rewrote ROM search code; now all ROMs are recognized. Also a clear error message is printed for BASIC ROMs
  • New boot logo for MSX2 and MSX2+
  • Changed boot sequence: Show logo, switch to SCREEN 1 and search for ROMs
  • Improved video code; fixes several games
  • Various bug fixes

The release is packed in a ZIP file, which contains the ROMs, the source code and emulator configuration files. You can download it from SourceForge. For users of Debian Linux a .deb of C-BIOS will probably be available in a few days.

C-BIOS only supports ROM games for the moment. You can have a look at Vampier's list to see which games run and which do not.

Relevant link: C-BIOS website

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By andete

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07-06-2005, 20:35

deb file already available Smile

Also, expect the package in debian unstable soon.