fMSX 2.8

by snout on 02-10-2004, 13:31
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX, the basis for almost every MSX emulator around, has been released. Changes in the new version:

  • Fixed initial envelope volume in AY8910.c,
  • Fixed a problem with 8kB/16kB cartridges failing to execute in MSX1 mode
  • When guessing a MegaROM mapper type, fMSX now tries to look at a data file CARTS.CRC containing pairs of cartridge CRCs and mapper types
  • Added support for a third cartridge slot. You can now give up to three cartridge names on the command line and three -rom options
  • Cartridges are now inserted into slots 1.X (A), 2.X (B), and 3.0 (C)
  • The RS232.ROM has been moved to slot 3:3
  • Added support for the 64kB Panasonic FM-PAC cartridge with 8kB SRAM
  • fMSX loads files FMPAC.ROM, MSXDOS2.ROM, and PAINTER.ROM automatically, as long as they are in the program directory and there is an empty cartridge slot available
  • Added support for ASCII/8kB cartridges with 8kB SRAM
  • Added support for ASCII/16kB cartridges with 2kB SRAM
  • All battery-backed SRAM save files have now got .SAV extension
  • Added reporting of bad memory writes with -verbose 8
  • The R-Type cartridge and its variants are supported by the ASCII/16kB MegaROM mapper (-rom 5)
  • HAL's Hole In One Special cartridge is supported by the GENERIC/16kB MegaROM mapper (-rom 1)
  • Konami's Majutsushi (aka Mah Jong 2 or RC765) cartridge is supported by the GENERIC/8kB MegaROM mapper (-rom 0), although the D/A audio circuit emulation is not implemented
  • Added fast-forwarding option ([F9]) and moved fixed font switch to a different key ([CONTROL]-[F9])
  • Changed [F6],[F9],[F10] assignments in fMSX-Windows to comply with other fMSX ports
  • Added Options menu to fMSX-Windows
  • fMSX-FreeBSD now compiles without changes on FreeBSD 5.x (FreeBSD 4.x users may have to change the location of the soundcard.h)
  • Fixed sound in fMSX-FreeBSD by increasing the number of sound fragments from 8 to 64

You can get the sourcecode of fMSX, which compiles on many different Operating Systems, on the fMSX website. The Windows version of the emulator needs, unlike other MSX emulators for Windows, registration. People who have already registered fMSX/Windows will soon receive the latest version by e-mail.

Relevant link: fMSX website

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By tfh

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04-10-2004, 10:13

I just received fMSX-Windows2.8 & fMSX-MSDOS2.8 by e-mail from Marat Smile I don't know if I am going to install them anymore, since I mainly use BlueMSX these days... Quite a shame. Whereas fMSX used to be THE standard for MSX Emulators, it's lacking too many features these days :'-(