fMSX for GamePark32 development update

by Sander on 08-02-2003, 11:50
Topic: Emulation

GP32 Xtreme posted a discussion with rlyeh, the developer of the fMSX port for GamePark32.
Rlyeh told GP32 Xtreme, that although the last version of fMSX GP32 was released mid-2002, he will release a new version in the near future. Changes in his development code:

  • sound has already been improved
  • screen 8 is fixed and screen 7 is working
  • Speed is improved
  • support for .dsk,.ddi, .img disk images and rom files
  • Bugs have been removed
  • disk led activity has been added
  • improved the file selector
  • added a virtual keyboard (nearly finished)

Besides his efforts on the MSX emulator, rlyeh is also working on some other emulator ports for GP32.

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Keep an eye on rlyeh's homepage!

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By Haze

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09-02-2003, 13:05

Hehe, since when are you keeping track of GP32 fMSX related news? Smile
Anyways, as said the update should be out soon. As rlyeh stated maybe not within 6 days but certainly within 6 months. Wink

By Sander

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09-02-2003, 15:39

Hi Haze, if you do a search you'll see that we keep track of GP32 and Fmsx for GP32 news since May 2002 :-) Thanks for your additional info!