fMSX32 RU Edition public beta

by Haze on 17-11-2003, 00:13
Topic: Emulation

fMSX32, the fMSX based emulator for the GP32 handheld device produced by GamePark, has gotten a major update. The list of changes and fixes is quite long, though some of the most noticable new features are:

  • Fully working savestates and loadstates
  • Fully working positionable virtual keyboard
  • Fixed support for FMPAC through classic Marat's YM2413 sound core (internal slot)
  • Added possibility to load bigger roms (up to 8 mbits)
  • Added ability to load two roms at once (konami cheats related)
  • New exprimental RF multiplayer (through Black's RF libs)
  • New preliminary support for tapes (CAS)
  • New preliminary support for overscan games like Matra ones (224 scanlines instead of 192/212)
  • New support for MSX-DOS2 cartridge with original OS disk included
  • Improved support for multiple disks games

There are many more fixes and additions, all of them are listed within the readme-file accompanying the emulator. The latest version of fMSX32 can be downloaded straight from Rlyeh's website.

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