fMSX/S60 1.05a/b

by Latok on 30-09-2004, 21:37
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX/S60, the MSX Emulator for Nokia Series 60 cellphones, has just been released. Changes in this version:

  • Support for game specific emulator save states
  • Keyboard macros
  • Minor code speed and size optimizations
  • Bug fixes
  • Compressed emulator binary, saves over 50% in size (b version only)

In this forum thread, which was the beginning of the development of fMSX/S60, you can post all your bugreports and feature requests. If you want to install this emulator on your Nokia Series 60 phone we recommend using Sousouke's ROMpackager

Relevant link: fMSX/S60 website

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30-09-2004, 21:39

and this is another way of having a portable metal gear 2 Tongue

By snout

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30-09-2004, 21:55

Hell yeah! With original character-art, no less! Smile