fMSX/S60 1.11d

by snout on 29-08-2006, 19:36
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX/S60 has just been released, targeted at the third edition of Series 60 compatible mobile phones, such as the Nokia 3250, 5500 sport and many editions of the new E and N-series. To achieve this initial S60/3rd release, the following changes were made:

  • Ported the code to S60 3rd edition
  • Added support for 240x320, 320x240 and 416x352 resolutions
  • Rewrote the menu UI code completely

You can send your feedback on the emulator in this forum thread.

Relevant link: JR's Series 60 software page

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29-08-2006, 19:43

Great job, JR! I'll try it ASAP -- curious to the new menu Wink