fmsxSE 0.14

by Samor on 21-08-2006, 11:51
Topic: Emulation

Nyagosu has released fMSXSE 0.14, an MSX emulator for Windows Mobile devices. The emulator is still in an early stage of development and at only supports VGA resolution, but is still worth checking out if you have a device the emulator supports.

Relevant link: Nyagosu's emulation pages

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By Manuel

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21-08-2006, 14:30

Great, but nooooooooo, not another fMSX clone Sad

By karloch

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21-08-2006, 17:23

I'm still looking forward for a decent MSX emulator for Windows CE. The Jornada 720 with Debian ARM performed really good with openMSX ARM version, but that's Linux Tongue

By dvik

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21-08-2006, 18:11

Should be easy to port blueMSX. There is an linux port of the emulator that has almost all features except the GUI part. I made that port to show how to do a minimal port of the emulator. There isn't much host dependent code at all so porting it to something else won't be hard. Its about as much work as porting fMSX I guess. I haven't tried it on big endian machines yet though although there is a MAC port under development as well (not sure if/when it will be ready).

By Samor

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21-08-2006, 22:03

I hoped for an fmsxDS update tbh...was just checking, and then I saw that =P

By karloch

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22-08-2006, 01:06

There isn't much host dependent code at all so porting it to something else won't be hardWell, as everybody knows, there are LOTS of Windows CE based devices with lots of users. As for today there is not decent MSX emulator that even support Windows Mobile 5 with VGA resolution (480x640 & 640x480).

My Windows Mobile 5 based device (Qtek 9000) has even complete keyboard Smile

By karloch

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27-08-2006, 02:43

Impressive. I just tested this version and the emulator has improved a lot. Space Manbow is running at 100% speed with almost perfect SCC sound. The only thing lacking is proper support for Windows Mobile 5 devices in VGA screen mode.

By FiXato

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04-09-2006, 00:27

WM 5?
I want WM 2003 with QVGA support ;p