fMSXSO 1.10

by snout on 19-05-2002, 20:08
Topic: Emulation

New versions of this fMSX-based emulator arrive at an impressive speed. Download the most recent version of fMSXSO at this site. We did not report about the changes in the emulator since version 1.01 so here is a summary:

  • Added support for MIDI volume changes.
  • Added support for command-line parameters
  • Added drag&drop functionality
  • The window position is remembered and restored.
  • Fixed read problems with disk operations
  • Fixed the tone of MIDI at the time of State load.
  • Fixed the bug of CPIR and CPDR command.
  • Processing of Direct Input is adjusted.
  • The disk image reading now corresponds to the united disk image used by fMSX-DOS.