MSX80 release 2

by snout on 28-09-2006, 22:04
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSX Forum

JR, developer of fMSX/S60 - the MSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones - has just released the second version of MSX80, an MSX emulator for the Nokia 9300, the Nokia 9300i and the Nokia 9500 phone models. Changes on this version:

  • Fixed bug related to files being deleted from the /MSX directory
  • More compliant Disk ROM emulation
  • Added MegaROM mapper for Korean 30-in-1, 64-in-1 and 80-in-1 cartridge (untested)
  • Added MegaROM mapper for Korean 126-in-1 cartridge (untested)
  • Z80 emulation accuracy improvements
  • RTC emulation accuracy improvements
  • V9918 emulation speed improvements
  • V9938 emulation accuracy improvements
  • V9958 emulation accuracy improvements
  • Emulated MSX1 machine does not use extended slots nor RAM mapper
  • Emulated MSX2+ machine sub ROM must include Kanji BASIC from now on
  • Changed memory slot layouts for the emulated machines
  • Phone keyboard letters and numbers can be used as shortcuts in file selector menus
  • Bunch of bug fixes here and there for a lot of crashes

Again, this release is really to be considered an alpha version which crashes randomly and may cause problems on your mobile phone. For a further explanation please visit the MSX80 website. As usual, you can discuss this release, suggest features and report bugs in this forum topic.

Relevant link: MSX80 website