openMSX 0.2.1 unofficialWin32-0.02

by snout on 24-01-2003, 23:48
Topic: Emulation

Reikan released a new version of the Windows port of openMSX. This release is a maintenance release, which means there are little changes.

Some ROM files that did not work before, are bound to work now.Reikan is now focussing on fixing some SDL related issues, in order to make the fullscreen mode and the SDLGL renderer work. Also the current port doesn't handle Japanese keyboard layout like it should. However, Reikan is not sure if he may fix these issues.

On the openMSX unofficial Windows website - which is available in Japanese and English - you can find more information on this port, the changes and the planned changes.

Visit the openMSX unofficial Windows website to check out the latest version.