openMSX 0.3.2

by mth on 09-06-2003, 23:36
Topic: Emulation

Today a new version of openMSX was released. This is the source/Linux release, you can probably expect a Windows binary from Reikan to follow soon. The most striking new feature is MoonSound support. We got permission to use the MAME OPL4 code, which saved us a tremendous amount of work. Wouter integrated it in openMSX and he and Arjan applied some fixes and added missing features. It sounds pretty good now, but don't take my word for it, try it yourself!

This time I'll post only the change list, instead of the full release notes:

  • New feature: MoonSound support. Original implementation taken from MAME, thanks to Jarek Burczynski (FM code), R. Belmont and O. Galibert (wave code) for allowing us to use their code in openMSX. Improvements and bug fixes were done by Arjan Bakker and our team.
  • New MSX devices:
    - MegaRAM
    - PAC (Panasonic SW-M001)
    - Support for 8kB ROMs
  • New feature: grab input (try "set grabinput on"). When enabled, the native mouse cursor cannot escape from the openMSX window anymore; makes using the mouse a lot easier in windowed mode.
  • New timer using the Linux Real Time Clock (RTC), which is more accurate than the SDL timer. SDL timer is still available as a fallback. Instructions to configure your system for using the RTC are in the HOWTO.
  • New effect in the SDLGL renderer: afterglow (try "set glow N").
  • User-configurable gamma correction (try "set gamma X"). Also the default value is less bright than the previous hard-coded value.
  • Screen accuracy works now (try "set accuracy screen"). It is fast, but very inaccurate.
  • Volume of sound devices can be adjusted at run time.
  • Various console updates:
    - Commands can be on multiple lines.
    - Search in command history.
    - Command history is saved.
    - Support in SDLHi/Lo for console font PNG images in indexed mode. Previously, only images in RGB mode were supported.
    - Console remains usable when openMSX is paused.
  • Several machine configurations added (thanks to Albert Beevendorp).
  • Several extension configurations added.
  • Cache coherency problem in SDLGL renderer fixed. This bug caused garbled graphics in for example Ark-a-Noah and Dr Archie.
  • Fixed compilation on GCC 2.95.

Relevant links: openMSX Home Page, Project page on SourceForge