openMSX 0.3.2-UOW32

by snout on 10-06-2003, 23:33
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the unofficial Windows port of openMSX was released today. It's based on the 0.3.2 linux release which was released yesterday. In addition to the changes made in that version, the following things changed:

  • Added KeyLayout change for Japanese MSX.
  • Fixed SRAM file writing failure when specify ROM image in full-path.
  • Adjusted .dtd filename/path in *.xml as a counterplan when *accidentally* open with browser.
  • ReAdded how to sepcify mapper-type explicitly in document.
  • Adjusted a little at initialize of OpenGL in SDL.DLL.

If you want to enjoy near-perfect emulation and Moonsound sounds on your MSX, and you're not afraid of figuring some settings out before you do than this emulator is definitely worth a try.

Relevant link: openMSX Unofficial Win32 port website