openMSX Catapult for linux available

by MSX Resource Center on 11-10-2003, 00:54
Topic: Emulation

openMSX Catapult is a launcher (based on the Qt GUI toolkit) for openMSX 0.3.0 and higher. The first version was available in June 2003. The recent developments of openMSX Catapult for Windows have inspired the original openMSX Catapult developer to enhance and update Catapult for Linux and put it on a web site, so that it is available for the public.

The changes:

  • visualisation of MSX LEDs, as far as they are implemented in openMSX itself
  • optimizations for openMSX 0.3.3
  • better layout

To try it, you need to have all required packages installed to compile a Qt MutliThreaded application. You can download it from Manuel Bilderbeek's web site: Go to -> MSX Software and look near the bottom under "Other Stuff".

Relevant link: openMSX Catapult for Linux