openMSX Catapult for Windows - test version

by tcm1998 on 27-09-2003, 22:47
Topic: Emulation

Windows users can finally use catapult as launcher for openMSX. This can save a lot of hassles with long commandlines. This launcher can (like the linux version) do the following:

  • Select a machine to emulate
  • Select any number of extensions like moonsound, fmpac, audio, extra memory, etc ...
  • Browse disks for drive A en B
  • Browse roms for the cartridge slots
  • Browse tape to use
  • Save the used executable and the share directory (where the config resides)
  • Logs the output of openMSX into a window

In the future, the following features might be added:

  • History for disks, roms and tapes
  • Saving of the last used configuration (machine + extensions)
  • Directory browser
  • And more...

It can be downloaded directly here. Any comments are welcome, but just remember: It's just a testversion, written in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. The full source code is included.

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By FiXato

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28-09-2003, 02:41

good to see OpenMSX Catapult available for Window$ as well now Smile

Though I still prefer Linux Tongue