openMSX website update

by snout on 12-12-2002, 12:47
Topic: Emulation

The openMSX crew have renewed their website. openMSX is an open-source MSX emulator with a different approach to emulation than the conventional fMSX-based emulators. This approach seems to work, as openMSXX is the first MSX Emulator that can run the scope part of Unknown Reality without problems.

On the website, an impressive list of features of the latest CVS version was added and some very interesting screenshots. The option to emulate scanlines and blur in a way that highly resembles a TC-screen with the SDLGL renderer looks really cool. On the openMSX website the openMSX version as demonstrated on the MSX Fair in Bussum can be downloaded.

Since there were already many updates after the fair on CVS, Manuel Bilderbeek put op a snapshot of the current CVS version on his website. It's in the software section. An automated script should update this snapshot whenever the CVS version of openMSX is updated.

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