openMSX for Windows 0.2.0

by snout on 22-10-2002, 21:58
Topic: Emulation

About two weeks ago we announced and hosted the very first port of openMSX to Windows. Many people downloaded the emulator and were excited about its capabilities. Now, a newer version of the emulator is available on the author's website.

One of the new features in this version is 'pixel accuracy' which makes the scope-part of Unknown Reality look as it should. openMSX is the only MSX emulator around that can do this. Other games and demo's that don't run fluently on other popular MSX emulators seem to run at least as good on openMSX as well.

As the previous version, openMSX for Windows is an unofficial port. The author would like to remain anonymous and gives no support whatsoever on his product. Please do not contact him with questions about the emulator, ROMS or porting in general. For questions on openMSX, you can always ask the official openMSX sourceforge crew. Although the Linux-version of openMSX, available on the openMSX sourceforge page has got even more features than this unofficial Windows port, openMSX for Windows is already very interesting. Go check it out!