PSPMSX 1.0.1

by Vincent van Dam on 04-06-2006, 01:02
Topic: Emulation

Ludovic Jacomme succesfully ported fMSX-SDL to the PSP. MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ functionality is currently supported in the initial 1.0.1 release of this emulator. Note that -despite the version number- this is still a beta release and that some work is still pending. A next release is expected to support save-state functionality.

Relevant link: PSPMSX 1.0.1 release information

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By Vincent van Dam

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04-06-2006, 15:01

...followed by a new version which supports save states;

By Sd-Snatcher

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10-06-2006, 18:16

1.0.4 released.