PSPMSX 1.0.6

by snout on 27-09-2006, 19:12
Topic: Emulation

Yesterday ZX-81 released a new version of PSPMSX, an MSX emulator for the Sony PSP. Changes since version 1.0.5 include:

  • New icons and background images
  • Reorganized emulator menus, adding a new menu for settings
  • Multiple keyboard mappings
  • Added an option to change the virtual keyboard skin
  • New speed limiter (more accurate)
  • New feature to save and load a distinct setting file for each game
  • Delete files option (in the file selector)
  • Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of BMP
  • An indicator of the percentage of battery power left is now displayed in the emulator window
  • Added a watchdog to automatically return to the emulator menu
    when the battery is very low (< 5%)
  • Bug fixes and code cleaning

Relevant link: PSPMSX homepage

Comments (2)

By Unicorn

Master (138)

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28-09-2006, 21:51

So does the use of this emulator involves downgrading your PSP's firmware again? Question

By Haohmaru

Paladin (774)

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29-09-2006, 17:31

You only have to downgrade once - to 1.50 if you can. You can use devhook to emulate 2.71 and play most of the games (some new games need higher firmware version than 2.71).