RuMSX 0.27

by snout on 27-06-2003, 17:17
Topic: Emulation

Almost a year after its previous release, RuMSX 0.27 hits the net. RuMSX was the first emulator that could emulate (part of) the MSX turboR computer. Many people have always considered this emulator to be very user-friendly. Changes in this version:

  • MSX-Printer emulation did not print special characters properly
  • Some Konami ROM's were not properly mapped
  • Highest sprite-number was improperly calculated in some cases.
  • Location and size of ROMs were not always recogized properly.
  • MSX saved states might have failed to load because the stream "CONFIG(0)" was complained.
  • DiskROM call PHYDIO (4010h) returned the number of read/written sectors instead of the number of remaining sectors.
  • Fixed memory leak while RuMSX was running in FullScreen mode

Relevant link: Lex Lechz RuMSX website