RuMSX 0.28

by MSX Resource Center on 14-06-2004, 11:46
Topic: Emulation

Rudolf Lechleitner, also known as Lex Lechz, released a new version of RuMSX, the MSX emulator focussing on MSX turboR emulation. Here's what's new:

  • Windows XP styles are supported automatically, there is no need to copy a separate manifest-file anymore
  • Fixed drawing problems due to switching into fullscreen mode
  • Fixed improperly saving of FMPAC SRAM to state-files
  • MSX-Audio ROM mapper fixed
  • Several ROM-types have been added, such as MSX-DOS 2 release 3, Crossblaim 64 in 1, 80 in 1, 90 in 1 and 126 in 1,Super Loderunner, Konami's Synthesizer, Majutsushi (Mah-Jong 2), SCC+ (faked ROM included), Koei (Genghis Khan can save now) and Playball
  • SETUP.EXE now supports Windows XP styles and arabic systems

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Comments (2)

By turbor

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18-06-2004, 21:37

Seeing all these new emulator releases lately, isn't it about time to update the emulator comparison chart ?
As a side note: I tried to read it, but it seems that the content of the article isn't properly displayed. I had this problem on Konqueror, netscape, mozilla and opera. So I guess it isn't the fault of my browser :-)

By snout

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18-06-2004, 23:27

Indeed, I'm slowly working on a new emulator comparison, but there are a lot of things going on in my life that have a bit higher priority at the moment (and I don't even got a girlfriend at the moment! Can you believe it? Tongue). Either way, the Emu Comparison article is badly unparsed, I'll see if I can fix that soon. As for the new Emulator Comparison: just you wait Wink