Best Homebrew MSX Game megapoll [nominations]

Best Homebrew MSX Game megapoll [nominations]

by snout on 31-03-2014, 18:17
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One of the most extraordinary qualities of MSX is perhaps not the computer standard(s) itself, but its users. Despite its arguably marginal success, more than 30 years after its launch there is still a large group of developers actively developing for MSX on a regular basis. As suggested in this forum topic it's about time to see which homebrew MSX game released thus far is considered to be the best.

Like any megapoll, we start with asking you all to send in your nominations on our forum. So think back to the great scene days of the 1990s, the revival of MSX scene activity thanks to the MSXdev competitions or any game released before or inbetween. As long as it's actually been released by 'amateur' developers and you would like to see it in competition, please send it in as a nomination. In this forum topic you can now nominate your favorite homebrew MSX game(s) until April 13th, 23:59 CET.

Relevant link: Best Homebrew MSX Game Megapoll [nominations]

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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31-03-2014, 18:28

Crap... I already prepared a list with loadsa games and thought I saved it in my "corner" behind the scenes... But alas, no such thing... I'll remake this list...

Oh, it was still there... I was searching with my eyes shut... Tongue

By ro

Scribe (5059)

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01-04-2014, 09:57

Wow, you know just two days ago I was thinking "it's time for a new mega-pool", one about "best homebrew software"! I know, scary eh!
no... it's faith.

sweet, let the battle begin.

By syn

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31-03-2016, 01:05

What happened to this poll?

By TheClash603

Resident (33)

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04-05-2020, 16:56

Was this ever finished?

I was looking to play some homebrew games, but was hoping for a few suggestions.

The best MSX and MSX2 polls have been very helpful for me!

By tfh

Prophet (3428)

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04-05-2020, 17:02

No idea TBH...
I do host quite some Homebrew games on my site and I have the full MSXdev collection online. I publish a list of the most played games there on a regular basis. Not really a top-xx, but still... it might give you some nice ideas:

Top Played games in the Homebrew Section:

Pengo - 414
10 Liner BASIC Challenge - 298
Gradius 3 Legends - 176
Easteregg Demo - 126
Cindy Crawford Megademo - 93
Alien Attack - 89
The Queens Footsteps - 88
Sonyc - 65
Bubble Rain - 62
Super Something World - 58

Top Played games in the MSXDev Section:

Sub Commander - 130
Dreams Puzzle - 20
Barbarian The Duel - 19
Alter Ego - 15
XSpelunker - 15
Pointless Fighting - 15
Zevimodoki - 15

Past lists:

By ren

Paragon (1947)

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04-05-2020, 18:05

There's enough to recommend Smile Tfh got most to all freebies listed I think, there's enough to discover Smile You can also check out some selected works here (WIP). For non-free and/or physical stuff check out Matra(net) and Repro-Factory.

Here's a relevant recent topic on the subject (which nicely complements the old megapoll one?) : /msx-talk/software/msx-game-of-the-decade-2010-2019

By JohnHassink

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04-05-2020, 21:47

@ TheClash603
A good way to start out is probably here:
where you can try out every single one of the MSXdev games, online.
Just click on one that looks cool to you and find out if it indeed is. :)

By TheClash603

Resident (33)

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05-05-2020, 14:59

Fantastic info, thanks!

I can start with the list above and then just dive in and make up my own decision about what's good.

I ordered a handful of physical MSX games from Japan over a month ago and due to what's happening with shipping, who knows when they will come. This will help hold me over in the meantime, need to keep quarantined, but sane!