Clube MSX magazine

Clube MSX magazine

by mariocavalcanti on 17-05-2018, 00:40
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The first issue of the Brazilian quarterly print magazine Clube MSX is already available for pre-order! The magazine can be purchased at the Clube MSX website for R$ 19,90 plus shipping. International orders is being accepted via PayPal.

The official release will occur during the 2018 edition of RetroRio, a meeting of retrocomputing fans that will happen on May 31st to June 2nd, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. At the event, Clube MSX will be available for the same promotional price. After June 2nd, the magazine will be available for R$ 24,90.

Among other articles, the first issue will bring a review of the game Inferno; an article celebrating 15 years of MSXdev; and an article about Mitsubishi ML-8000, the first MSX ever produced. Clube MSX will be sold only in print, presenting pages in full colour and a double sided poster.


Clube MSX nº 1
Pages: 40
Year: 2018
Quarter: April-June
Language: Portuguese
Format: Print
Size: 20,5 cm x 27,5 cm
ISSN: 2595-1076
Official website:
Normal price: R$ 24,90
Promotional price: R$ 19,90 (until June 2nd 2018)

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