CocoaMSX 1.0

CocoaMSX 1.0

by uberjack on 14-01-2013, 17:13
Topic: Emulation

Akop Karapetyan, aka uberjack has released his first version of CocoaMSX, an MSX emulator for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and higher. This new emulator is based on blueMSX, and includes features such as native Lion fullscreen mode, Finder previews for snapshots, and extensive configuration options, all in a native GUI.
Back in November 2012 uberjack presented his first alpha build in our Emulation forums and about a month later the first release candidate followed. At first only Mac OS X Lion and higher were supported, but after several users indicated they were still using Snow Leopard, a compatible build was released at the beginning of this year. This, and having implemented various other suggestions given in the forum topic as well as on the CocoaMSX community on Google Plus shows that the developer welcomes feedback, which is promising for further development. Especially the closer integration with the OS through snapshot previews as well as menu bar options makes this emulator stand apart from its competitor openMSX.
The full feature list is as follows:

  • Based on blueMSX, one of the most accurate MSX emulators currently available
  • Support for over 200 MSX systems
  • Built-in support for cartridge (ROM) files
  • Support for diskette (DSK) and cassette (CAS) files
  • Support for MSX-Music, MSX-Audio, Moonsound, SCC and PSG sound systems
  • Various video effects, such as scanlines and signal noise simulation
  • Snapshots, with previews in Finder
  • Support for MSX joysticks, joypads and mice
  • Flexible keyboard and input peripheral configuration
  • Screen capture
  • Audio capture
  • Full screen support, including multi-desktop mode full screen on Lion (10.7) and higher
  • Automatic updates

While the emulator comes with just C-Bios machines by default, you can easily add other machines. However, as only MSX-support is enabled in CocoaMSX, the Colecovision, Sega and SVI machines won't be of much use. Is this your new favourite for Mac, or are there still features you miss?

Relevant link: CocoaMSX website
Relevant link: CocoaMSX Google+ Community Page

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Comments (7)

By mars2000you

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14-01-2013, 17:39

For info : you can find on the Resource page of the blueMSX website many generic and specific machines that can also be used with CocoaMSX. For generic machines, it’s recommended to download a full package with 31 generic MSX machines (including the Shared Roms sub-directory). Once you have an archive, unzip it in the emulator’s “Machines” directory, then restart the emulator. To find the location of the folder, open Preferences, click Show in Finder under the General tab.

By FiXato

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14-01-2013, 17:52

As was already explained on the linked FAQ page too. Smile

By Jorito

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14-01-2013, 18:45

Ah, thanks for pointing out how to run other configs than CBIOS! When I tested the emu a few months ago, all I knew was to run CBIOS.

Anyways, very promising to have a native MSX emulator on the Mac with a GUI. Even though OpenMSX grew on me, I can see lots of Mac users using this emu because it's more user friendly.

By user888

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14-12-2014, 15:34

Very nice and easy to install emulator. Even supports monitor emulation! I prefer this one above openMSX.

But I just can't figure out how to boot with an emulated MegaFlashRom

By hamlet

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14-01-2019, 01:25

Still everyday use on my Mac.

By gdx

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14-01-2019, 14:01

CocoaMSX is a good emulator but OpenMSX is more evolved. OpenMSX GUI for Mac is a little binding by cons.

What is missing from CocoaMSX is the debugger and the "special cartridges" (expander slot included) that are unusable. In addition the dock should not disappear in window mode. All this is annoying for testing its programs in development.

By Grauw

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14-01-2019, 19:11

I think for programming openMSX has a lot of benefits. However for someone who just wants to play MSX games on their Mac, CocoaMSX is very nice.