Glass Z80 assembler 0.1

Glass Z80 assembler 0.1

by Grauw on 03-01-2014, 16:14
Topic: Development

Laurens Holst released a new Z80 assembler called Glass. It is cross-platform, using the Java 7 runtime. The first version is focused on getting it on par with other assemblers in terms of features. It supports regular and repetition macros, and block scopes. A little more advanced feature is that you can reference into scopes by using the dot (.).

Future development will be focused around adding more advanced features, which prompted the development of the assembler in the first place. Some ideas are extending macros to make them more useful for class definitions, multi-compiling procedures, static analysis, automatic optimisations, and debug output with timing information.

Relevant link: Glass project page

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By snout

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03-01-2014, 16:16

\o/ seems like there finally is a decent Z80 assembler I can use under 64bit linux. Previously I happily used sjASM, but somehow it won't compile on my new setup. Great job, Grauw!


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03-01-2016, 09:51

Sjasm supports pages for mega roms. In glass is there a way to get the page number for a given label?

By Grauw

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03-01-2016, 14:28

Glass has sections which you can use to bundle code into banks, but you need to keep track of the bank numbers yourself.

By tvalenca

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03-01-2019, 12:56

5 years of Glass! Great job, Grauw!

By Grauw

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03-01-2019, 16:32

Thanks! Smile I’m still working on it from time to time, in fact I have in the past few days. Usually small improvements, a big change in the evaluation strategy has been on my wishlist for a while as well, but as always those kind of changes are difficult.