HispaMSX BBS 3.0 receives major upgrade

by karloch on 13-01-2019, 23:42
Topic: MSX Related

The almost 14 years old BBS dedicated to MSX computers has been upgrade with new features:

  • FidoNet address has been change from 2:345/111 to 2:341/111.
  • BBS login procedure has been updated with the intention of being more MSX-like.
  • MSX logo ANSI animation screen now gives proper credit to his author: Sonic_aka_T.
  • File area has been updated with more MSX-ready files.
  • As usual, Synchronet, the powerful BBS software that powers HispaMSX has been upgraded to the latest CVS build, making possible the next listed features.
  • Avatar module generally available. This module allows BBS users to select, upload or create their own avatar that will be displayed on their messages in forum-like fashion.
  • Poll module generally available. Now it is possible to publish polls in the BBS message areas, allowing visitors to cast their votes to the given options.
  • Improved SSH compatibility by upgrading the key exchange algorithm. Now it is possible to connect to the BBS securely with modern OpenSSH versions without reverting to deprecated key exchange methods.
  • TLS encryption enabled for the FTP service (FTPS). It is supported through the explicit method over the same 21 port. For compatibility with MSX computers, FTP over port 21 will support both, plain and encrypted connections, though the later are recommended to be used if our system supports them.
  • Support for Commodore PETSCII, that renders the BBS compatible with a good range of Commodore 8 bit computers, including PET, C16, C64 and C128 among others. This implies that 40 columns screen modes are supported!
  • Experimentally enabled the web interface, using BOOTSTRA.386 and Andy Teijelo's MSX font for giving it a MultiMente-like look. The web interface also integrates fTelnet, an HTML5 telnet client that uses secure websockets for communication. Please note that is feature is experimental and could be retired anytime depending on future testing and evaluation. BBS registration process is not open through the web interface.

Do you want to try these new features? Then prepare your favorite Internet-enabled computer, even your MSX, and use one of the following connection methods:

Telnet: telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org
Telnet (PETSCII, 40 columns): telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org:64
Telnet (PETSCII, 80 columns): telnet://bbs.hispamsx.org:128
SSH: ssh://bbs.hispamsx.org:1122
FTP: ftp://bbs.hispamsx.org
Web (experimental): https://bbs.hispamsx.org