tecnobytes are starting a new campain to produce a new OPL4 Shockwave batch, the OPL4 Shockwave 2!

This new product will come with the same quality as always, but some differences and new features:

  • Design
    The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 is smaller than your predecessor and fits in a small cartridge case.
  • Output
    As the new size will not accept the RCA connectors, now it have a P2 stereo output.
  • More Output
    The OPL4 sound is mixed with the internal MSX sound. So you can listen the OPL4 Shockwave 2 sound through the MSX sound output (mono).
  • More Memory
    The OPL4 SHOCKWAVE 2 have twice the RAM capacity of the original SHOCKWAVE (2MB against 1MB).

Let´s talk about the new batch:

  • tecnobytes need at least 20 units to produce.
    So, if this minimum can't be reached, they will cancel the project and return all payments;
  • tecnobytes will start to buy the parts and send the PCB for manufacturing as soon as it reaches 20 units;
    The timespan, from buying all parts to sending the cartdriges, would be from 2 to 3 months. There are many factors, like customs and couriers. tecnobytes mentioned they will keep everyone informed;


  • Each OPL4 Shockwave 2 cartridge: US $ 135.00
  • International shipping: US $ 38.00 (tecnobytes can send up to three units per package - please send an email if you want to buy more than three cartdriges)
  • Paypal fees: 7.5%

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Comments (5)

By Elrinth

Resident (54)

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23-09-2018, 17:36

damnit, I wish I knew about this yesterday Big smile

I just ordered the Dal-So-Ri R2.0.

By Grauw

Ascended (10819)

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23-09-2018, 18:16

@Elrinth That’s a great piece of kit as well though Big smile.

By msd

Paragon (1532)

msd's picture

23-09-2018, 19:12

Twice the ram as the original opl4? Which original ? The first Shockwave?

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

hamlet's picture

23-09-2018, 19:30

I think so, too. I will correct this in the newspost.

By meits

Scribe (6571)

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24-09-2018, 17:04

Elrinth wrote:

damnit, I wish I knew about this yesterday Big smile

I just ordered the Dal-So-Ri R2.0.

That's quite a beast. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I haven't seen an opl4 cartridge with that many options yet. Sound quality is great as well.