Tecnobytes announce new MSX with V9990 and OPL4

by snout on 20-01-2014, 23:01
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In this forum topic, the Brazilian hardware developers Tecnobytes have announced their latest project. After developing such things as V9990 powergraph, OPL4 Shockwave and the IDE Mapper they have now set their focus on developing a complete MSX Computer.

Although little is known about its features, the machine is to contain both an OPL4 soundchip and a V9990, imposed in a V9958, resulting in something close to what-should-have-been the MSX3. More news, and hopefully pictures, are expected in the near future. We will make sure to keep you up to date about this interesting development.

Relevant link: New MSX by Tecnobytes - announcement

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By GuilianSeed

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20-01-2014, 23:23

That sounds soooo good !

By snout

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20-01-2014, 23:41

You can say that again! This is certainly one to keep an eye on. Wondering if other sound chips (SCC/MSX-AUDIO) are to be included as well. Way to go Tecnobytes!

By giuseve

Paladin (787)

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21-01-2014, 08:34

what about the compatibility of V9990 with v9958? I think it have to be a must !!

Very nice project: a must to include SCC and MSX-Audio and price should be cheaper than OneChipMSX: what a quest !

By AxelStone

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21-01-2014, 08:52

To be honest I think that it'll not have any support. After a lot of time, GFX9000 has not any software, so what's going to change now? Sad

By msd

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21-01-2014, 12:04


GFX9000 has not any software

... has only little software. There is some just not a lot. A project like this could boost coders to make something more for it.

By yzi

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21-01-2014, 17:22

I think OPL4 came 4-5 years too late to have been realistic for MSX3. Smile But it's a nice thing to have anyway.

By giuseve

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21-01-2014, 17:46

I think the best solution would be an MSX3 very similar to turbo-R and not so much more.
Maybe Technobytes has many V9990 chip to use, but in my opinion the best configurationt would be something like this:
CPU: Z180 switchable to 3,5Mhz for best compatibility
RAM: 512K/1Mb
VIDEO: V9958 with 128K/256K
OS: DOS 2.23 built in / Nestor / Symbos
STORAGE: SD on Ide Controller
PORT: VGA, Audio Out, USB/PS2 for PC Keyboard and PC Mouse, USB/FLOPPY 1,44Mb CONTROLLER for the FloppyDrive.
SLOT: 2 cartslot
EXTRA FEATURES: Full compatibility with older MSX models, an Utility to load and execute Rom and MegaRom (Wonderful would be in SYMBOS), An utility to Mount a .DSK file as a virtual Floppy Drive.

What do you think?

By giuseve

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21-01-2014, 17:52

Here is my PERSONAL MSX:
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8" Display ; Bluetooth Keyboard
Software: OpenMSX for Android
It costs about € 250,00 and I got:
- TurboR Machine
- Mounting of .DSK
- Saving state of the machine status (wonderful with games)
- Storage on SD with FAT32 support
It only misses a slot to read real CART !! :-)

By iamweasel2

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21-01-2014, 19:16

I think it is a great project. Using V9990 superimposed with V9958 allows a lot more than using a single video output to run v9958 or v9990 software, it allows you to use both at the same time, allowing z80 to send data to a vdp and while it is being processed by this vdp, he can send data to the other one. No more waiting for the VDP! Both vdps combined allows great games to be coded using even BASIC! I expect, if it doesn't make the project too expensive or complicated, that a 3rd vdp (might be a v9938, they are easier to find and are cheaper) might be added, so with 3 vdps amazing things can be done (again, even in Basic, Oazem from Tecnobytes made impressive snes quality demos with Basic with a similar configuration).

By msxtrd

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21-01-2014, 21:58

Sounds great Smile, but taking current costs of producing snigle batches of Powergraph & Shockvawe in consideration, can we expect a reasonable pricetag or it will be hi-spec and a damn expensive toy? =) Just curious.

By raymond

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22-01-2014, 21:26

When it is not too expensive I am interested.

By Prodatron

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23-01-2014, 21:28

When it has the V9990 integrated I will take one in any case Smile

By nerlaska

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24-01-2014, 10:35

It sounds really cool but .. an idea .. I think that we should create this "MSX3" machine with emulation, for example with OpenMSX and/or BlueMSX. We could use MRC to decide what should be the best "MSX3" specification. This will be easy to do. With an emulated "MSX3" machine, coders and users could give support this new emulated platform. It all goes ok .. and MSX users are happy with it .. I think that offers the new hardware could have more sense. I think really Smile What do you think about it?

By PingPong

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24-01-2014, 21:15

giuseve wrote:

CPU: Z180 switchable to 3,5Mhz for best compatibility
What do you think?

that is not compatible.
First, the z180 does not execute undocumented z80 instructions, quite often used in that era.
Second, the v9958 cannot address 256K of VRAM

By Retrofan

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25-03-2014, 19:08

Hope we will get more specs very soon Cool Not at April 1st please Tongue

By Colemu

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25-03-2014, 19:57

Excellent!! Can't wait! Big smile

By elmar_c_fuchs

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16-01-2015, 18:10

any news about this great project? I would be very much interested in buying such a machine...

By meits

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16-01-2015, 21:28

msd wrote:

GFX9000 has not any software

... has only little software. There is some just not a lot. A project like this could boost coders to make something more for it.

openMSX's v9990 support didn't do that much boosting either while it's even a better environment to code in than a real MSX...
IMHO v9990 on MSX was a nice prove of concept, but nothing more than that...

By lezanderson

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10-11-2015, 11:25

Is there ANY more News on this new MSX Machine ?? Any idea of when it might come out ?

By lezanderson

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20-11-2015, 15:21

Possibly a Better Specification (maybe) would be ??:

Z80 CPU (switchable up to 28.64MHz) Overclocking a Z84C0020VEC/PEC
512K SRAM Min
V9990 VDP with V9958 Superimposed on top using an analogue switching/synchronizing circuit thus the Backplane graphics of a V9990 with the V9958 on top 100% compatible with MSX standard givivng TV output for PAL/NTSC to give retro Console feel.
Enhanced Audio AUDIO: PSG+SCC+FMPAC etc
IDE for CF Card or HardDrive ( an SD card interface might be to 'Messy') ??
Cartride slot etc as in original MSX standard
PLUS +++
Z180 second CPU for Turbo mode with 512K+ SRAM and 512K EPROM with 'Tube' interface/expansion slot to possibly allow a 68000 CPU to be added.

The only components that would be surface mount would probably be the V9900 and associated logic.

By Retrofan

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17-01-2016, 10:46

dead project?

By hamlet

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20-01-2017, 21:51

He´s dead, Jim!

By Colemu

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22-01-2017, 18:15

hamlet wrote:

He´s dead, Jim!

Real shame Sad

This would have been awsome! But my pocket is breathing a sigh of relief... Tongue