Bussum 2006 theme: GFX9000

by sunrise on 16-08-2006, 14:47
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The MSX teams behind openMSX, Team Bomba, Sunrise and MSX Resource Center have decided to cooperate and make Bussum 2006 MSX a GFX9000 flavored day.

During the day there will be demonstrations of GFX9000 software on various stands on the fair to demonstrate how cool this graphics card actually is. You will able to see such products as Team Bomba's upcoming GFX9000 game Blox and the introdemo and playable levels of X-Tazy on real MSX computers, as well as various tools and demos available for the card. To top it off, Sunrise will have a very special GFX9000 offer during the fair. A GFX9000 cartridge will only cost € 119,-.

On the Sunrsie booth, you will also be able to obtain Arranger - the Complete Works, CompactFlash interfaces, Moonlight Saga and many other Sunrise products. Sunrise will furthermore demonstrate, apart from the GFX9000, the Sunrise IDE emulation on blueMSX and openMSX, Disk on Module, a preview of Arranger part 3 and a miniSD adapter for use on CompactFlash interface. Last but not least, Sunrise have one more special offer during the fair. Not only will the GFX9000 be significantly cheaper, you can also obtain an IDE to CF adaptor for only € 14,25. Do you really need more reasons to visit Bussum this year? Well... have a look over here! See you in Bussum!

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By AuroraMSX

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17-08-2006, 08:37

Cool initiative Smile \o/ Yay! for Gfx9000 Big smile

By zett

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18-08-2006, 19:07

don't call me....

By msd

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18-08-2006, 19:44

@zett: is e-mail okay?

By zett

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19-08-2006, 09:51