MadriSX 2005 - Reminder

by snout on 01-03-2005, 23:12
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This saturday the annual Spanish MSX meeting in Madrid, MadriSX, will be held. It looks like it's going to be a very crowded edition this year, as MSX Power Replay have teamed up with RetroMadriDC to create a larger, retro-oriented meeting. Apart from that, MadriSX is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The following groups will have a stand this year:

  • Ceinsur - Demonstration of several retro computers, sale of retrogames, competitions and several other activities
  • Computer Emuzone - Several spectum games and extensions on sale and display, demonstration of Stratos for MSX (their entry to MSXdev'04)
  • Desgalitxat MSX - Sale of a DVD full of scans from MSX game covers, T-Shirts and framed pictures with MSX game/cover prints
  • Grijan - Demonstration of the Apple II
  • Karoshi Corporation - Promotion of MSXdev'05 and demonstration of several games released by Karoshi Corporation
  • Martos - Keeps what he is going to do a big secret
  • MSX Power Replay - Organization of the fair and its official competitions, demonstration and sale of products from MSX groups that can't visit the fair themselves, MSX cassettes, joysticks and convertors, sale of this collection of retro hardware
  • Museo 8 bits - The best items of their massive 8 bits collection on display
  • Oldcomput - A large variety of retrocomputers such as MSX, Commodore, Atari, Amiga and Spectrum on display
  • Potato Storm - Demonstration of Bombaman, perhaps with some new levels and an Xbox running 16 different emulators on display
  • RetroMadriDC - Organization of the fair - In a separate section of the fair, they will pay attention to a wide range of retro computers and the scenes involved with these systems.
  • Retro Reus - Sale of many imported games for various platforms such as Neo Geo AES, PC Engine, MSX, Sony PSP and Sega Saturn
  • Sinclair QL Info - Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Spanish Sinclair QL, sale of T-Shirts and an exhibition on the history of the QL
  • / MagazineZX - Sale of spectrum taps and MagazineZX magazines
  • Spectrum Preservation Team (Spanish division) - Overview and preservation of Speccy magazines and software
  • Timofónico - Several retro products on sale
  • Vade Retro & Oldermachine - Release of Retro Games Collector's (fanzine, first edition), several consoles and games on display and sale
  • Z80user - Demonstration of a new football game for Spectrum

Apart from these stands, one can sell and buy retrogaming goodies at the second hand market. Max Celdon will attempt to make (and broadcast) a realtime video-capture of the fair for South America (and other countries?). So, if you have any chance to drop by on this year's edition of MadriSX, make sure you do. A great day of MSXing awaits you!

Relevant link: MadriSX website

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By snout

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01-03-2005, 23:12

I think BodyHammeR is going to have a great time Wink

By wolf_

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01-03-2005, 23:41


..more standholders than @ Oss, so it seems ..