MCWF has to cancel upcoming club meetings

by Latok on 11-09-2003, 21:10
Topic: Events

MSX Club West-Friesland is one of the few MSX clubs left in The Netherlands. Several times a year, they organise clubmeetings in 'Buurtcentrum De Cogge' in Zwaag. Due to circumstances, MCWF had to decide to cancel the planned meetings for this year. This means the meetings on the 4th of october and on the 20th of december won't take place.

The MCWF website was hosted on the domain. We all know this domain isn't available at the moment and if the signs are correct, we can't expect this domain to get back online soon. This means that the MCWF website is down as well.

The MCWF-crew wants you all to know that they will do their best to get the website online again as soon as possible. They will also try to solve the current problems regarding the MSX Meetings in 'Buurtcentrum De Cogge'. When there are updates regarding the situation, we will of course report them here.

Furthermore, the MCWF-crew wants to let you know that their newsletter number 46 can still be ordered. It will be posted to you by snailmail. They also would like to receive articles for upcoming issues of their newsletter.

Last but not least, the MSX Club West-Friesland is still the place for all your MSX repairs, cables, second handed MSX gear and more.

For more info, please contact Bas Kornalijnslijper

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By snout

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12-09-2003, 00:04

ouch, tough times for the MCWF. I sure hope a new website and a new location for the user meetings will be found in the near future. Maybe some of our visitors have an idea or suggestions?

By hap

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12-09-2003, 14:36

sure, website:

By snout

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12-09-2003, 19:06

We have several important reasons why we don't host other websites or redirect subdomains. One of them is datatraffic. Another one is we want to be in complete control of the contents of our website (well, apart from the forums and reactions ;P). We don't want to get in trouble because of conent of such subdomain websites.

By djh1697

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14-09-2003, 19:57

I have some spare webspace - although a dutch user group would have a UK web address? could be :-

i have about 25Mb of free space at the moment