MSX Club West Friesland and MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg have decided to join forces. As of january 2005, the clubs will publish a shared paper clubmagazine. They also have plans for other common projects.

The clubmagazine still needs a frontpage. For this purpose, the clubs have organized a small competition. They encourage everyone to create a nice frontpage and send it to Harm Verbeek, member of MSX Vriendenclub Marienberg. His e-mailadress is The maker of the chosen frontpage gets rewarded.

We remind you of the MCWF clubmeeting, this saturday, the 27th of november 2004. From 11 o' clock on, you're welcome in 'Wijkcentrum Risdam', Scheerder 1 in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Deltasoft will be present demonstrating their 'Konami Quiz 2' which will be released early next year.

Relevant link: MSX Club West Friesland
Relevant link: MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg