The next edition of the bi-monthly Dutch MSX-club West-Friesland clubdag will be held on Saturday the 2nd of April 2022 in Hoorn, the Netherlands.

As we finally wave Covid'19 goodbye, doors open at fairs and other gatherings. MSX no exception. After two years of closed doors, the first post-Covid MSX-club West-Friesland clubdag (the Netherlands) will be a fact. Yes sir, time to shake hands with fellow MSX lovers.

The MSX-club West-Friesland is one of the oldest MSX groups in the Netherlands with a strong community and ditto persistence. The club organizes bi-monthly gatherings, called "clubdag", since 1992 where like-minded MSX users come together and ponder on the 8-bit wonder. Besides a physical come-together, the club also carries a newspaper, on paper.

A typical clubdag lets you get together with other MSX geeks, exchange information, witness demonstrations of new things to come, technical support for anything, sniff through the Public Domain disks and have a coffee while you're at it. It's a assembly of fanatics all with the same love for the same machine. If you're into MSX, you're welcome to join.

The next edition of their clubdag is held on Saturday the 2nd of April 2022 in Hoorn, NL. No entrance fee, and also free coffee and tea. Doors open from 11:30 until 17:30. More details on the club's web-site.

relevant link: MSX-club West-Friesland website

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By edoz

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22-03-2022, 20:34

I love the nice picture Big smile Big smile

By hamlet

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22-03-2022, 21:26

Thanks, edoz! Smile